How to organise leavers' hoodies for Year 6

Printed hoodies have become a tradition for Year 6 leavers. Daniel Etherington examines the options for PTAs hoping to run a hoodie fundraiser

Most children spend seven years at primary school – a long and significant part of their life. So it makes sense to commemorate their moving on with a keepsake. Hoodies are easy to source and come in an assortment of colours with numerous printing and embroidery options.

At the right time

The first thing to determine is when to distribute them; it doesnt have to be at the end of Year 6. Ask the headteacher if the school has any restrictions around hoodies, such as only giving them out after SATs, permitting them on PE days or allowing them to replace uniforms in the final weeks of term. Clarify and negotiate as necessary. Consider options for families feeling the financial squeeze – will the PTA provide a free or subsidised hoodie? Hoodies are ideal for the colder months and are practical for residential school trips. The earlier the children receive their hoodies, the more wear they will get out of them.

When contacting suppliers, ask about lead times and cut-off dates and communicate these clearly to families so that no child is disappointed. Hoodies typically take two to three weeks to arrive, but delivery times can be much longer during the summer term. If you havent worked with a supplier before, ask for a free sample so you can check the quality and fit.

Its your choice

Most suppliers have a simple ordering process with online tools to help with personalisation. Many schools choose an embroidered school logo on the front with the year printed on the back – most commonly in the schools uniform colour. But Sophie English at Hartland Hoodies says she is seeing more PTAs requesting the full range of colours so each child can choose their favourite.

Sophie continues: Another popular add-on at the moment is to have each childs initials printed on the chest and their name or nickname on the back. Printed sleeves are becoming more common and if PTAs want bespoke printing, we can accommodate that too.

Ask if your chosen supplier offers a percentage of sales back to the PTA or school as a form of fundraising. You may be able to set the price of the hoodies to increase the amount raised.

Ordering choices may depend on how many children are in Year 6. PTAs can either order the whole batch in one go or set up an online shop through the suppliers website. Parents then receive a link and select from various options. Suppliers may have a minimum order value or offer special rates for larger orders. Hartland Hoodies, for example, provides a complimentary hoodie per school, which could become a raffle prize or be given to a lower-income family.


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