Low-cost and no cost fundraisers

Our affordable fundraising ideas are sure to be a success, whether you are a new PTA or looking for ideas to minimise cost and effort

Book sale

Do you have a stash of donated books in your shed? If so, request a few more from parents or the school and run a book sale.

Break the rules day

Decide which rules can be ‘broken’ – ie, pupils must not have crazy hair, wear trainers or bring chocolate as a snack to school – and make a flyer or post them online. Ask for a donation for each ‘rule’ broken.

Buy a brick

Is the school having any new building work done? Get parents involved by asking them to sponsor a brick (or two or more). If you’re feeling ambitious, get the bricks engraved.

Doughnut sale

Buy doughnuts from a local bakery or supermarket, or take advantage of the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts charity scheme, which offers discounts. Find out about the current discount and read the FAQs on the Krispy Kreme fundraising doughnuts page.

Duck race

Hold your race in the real world or virtually. Name the rubber duck participants and hype it up on your social media channels. Ask pupils to seek sponsorship. Find out more about duck race fundraisers.

Freeze-pop Fridays

Great for the summer term or if it’s still warm in autumn. Buy from supermarkets and wholesalers and sell at below shop price.


Are there any hairdressers or barbers in your school community? Persuade them to give their time and expertise, with parents donating to the PTA in exchange for haircuts.

Matchbox challenge

Give a matchbox to every child participating, along with the rules and a sponsorship form. Children must fill the boxes with as many items as possible (within guidelines).

Non-uniform days

For a suggested donation of £1, children can come to school wearing what they want (within reason).

Passive income

Set your PTA charity up with easyfundraising, Give as you Live or TheGivingMachine, and remind the community to shop online through your affiliate schemes.

Rainbow hamper raffles

Each class is assigned a colour and asked to bring in donations of hamper items packaged in that colour, which the PTA can then give away as raffle prizes.

Sponsored clean-up

Do you have a neighbourhood litter-picking group? Contact them or call the council for advice, and hold a clean-up. Pupils request sponsorship for their time or the number of bags collected.

Sponsored read

Suggest sponsorship for books completed or minutes reading aloud.

Sponsored run

Children can request sponsorship by distance (laps) or duration. Award some medals to help with motivation.

Tea towels

As well as the traditional self-portraits of each class, the PTA could explore options such as holding an art contest where the children draw images that best represent the school.

Virtual balloon race

Participants personalise their balloons and track them online. To make the balloon release more of an event, show it on the school’s biggest screen.

Walking tour

Ask if someone from a local museum or history group will volunteer to hold a guided walk. Parents and interested locals can make a donation to join the tour. End it at the school and sell drinks and snacks.