Back to school essentials

Cashback schemes on labels and other products mean the PTA can raise money for nothing!

There seems to be a never-ending shopping list that greets parents at the beginning of each new year – especially if their child is starting school for the first time. Through these schemes parents, both new and old, can help raise funds while buying everything their little ones need for the coming year.

Name labels

Name labels are a must for parents, so help them keep tabs on uniform by making sure everything is labelled! Sign your school up to a fundraising scheme and earn commission for your school. Different suppliers offer different solutions, including traditional woven labels, plastic tags, permanent ink stamps and adhesive labels. PTAs can claim 20-30% back on all orders.

Cashback on uniform

Register your school with the My Clothing or M&S school uniform schemes and receive a 5% cash donation. Alternatively, ask local school uniform embroidery companies whether they can support your school with a cashback scheme.

Shopping affiliates

If you have a shopping affiliate scheme in place, make sure everyone knows! Companies offer commission on purchases of around 3-4% when you buy through them. With no hidden charges or catches for parents or PTAs, it really is money for nothing on all those additional purchases of rucksacks, lunchboxes, etc! Read more advice on shopping affiliate schemes.


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