Event survival kit

The essential items you should carry at all times during a summer fair

At any summer fair it’s crucial to have the essentials at hand for on-the-go mending and maintenance. But with so much to remember, it’s far too easy to forget the biros and Blu Tack. We’ve done the thinking for you with our handy event survival kit download, so you can get on with perfecting the rest of your planning. 

The essentials

  • Walkie-talkie To keep in touch with others and so people can call you over if they need any supplies. Make sure it’s charged up and the others are in the right hands
  • Blu Tack, Sellotape and string For on-the-go repairs and sticking up things that fall down
  • Scissors For opening packets and quick fixes
  • A4 sheets of paper, biros and marker pens To make emergency signs and take notes
  • Written contact details of key people In case your phone runs out of charge and you need to borrow another
  • Energy bar To give you a boost in case you don’t get the chance to eat
  • Phone Ensure it’s charged and that people have your number (providing there’s a signal at your school). If it has a camera, make sure there’s space to store images and videos. If not, bring a camera separately
  • Bottle of water (Reusable please!)
  • Event timetable, map of the site and volunteer rota So you know where everyone and everything is and can advise volunteers and visitors. Laminate them if rain is forecast
  • Duct tape A stronger solution for any breakages
  • Hand sanitiser

If you have more space

  • Batteries: Back-ups for any battery-operated attractions, such as a buzz wire game – make sure they’re the right size
  • Elastic bands and safety pins: Extra repair supplies
  • Rags: A sturdier alternative to tissues
  • Small toolkit: A set of screwdrivers and pliers can come in handy

Top tips

  • Wear your watch and remember reading glasses if you need them
  • Take note of the weather – if it’s sunny, pack your sunglasses. Wear waterproof clothing and footwear if it might rain. Even if you can move your event inside, you will probably be the one who’s outside the most
  • Have one stall equipped with a first-aid kit and sunscreen, and allocated as the lost children spot
  • Place walkie-talkies on key stalls such as the barbecue so those running it won’t be left without someone to speak to at all times


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