Fundraising events for Easter

Stuck for fundraising ideas for Easter? Read our ideas and advice from PTAs on how to celebrate the holiday.

Easter crafternoons

‘We ran an Easter crafternoon. We set up our craft event in the dining hall after school. The children bought the items they wished to decorate and enjoyed getting creative with glue and glittery bits! We had a range of things to make including masks, foam bunnies, eggs for the children to decorate, daffodil pinwheels and Easter-themed temporary tattoos. We only charged £1 per mask. The children had a lovely time, and we made just over £120 profit.’

Helen Wagner, Chair, Friends of Selwyn Primary School, London

Bunny bingo

‘Easter Bunny Bingo is one of our most-supported activities with around 75% of the children and their parents attending. Bingo tickets are priced at five for £1. There are six games of bingo. The first five have a prize of a large egg for a line and a cuddly toy for a full house (these are bought in the January sales!). The last game is slightly different – we sell the bingo ticket at £1, and a quarter of what we take is the prize money. The last event made us £550.’

Joan Hogan (chair and grandparent), The Friends of Gilded Hollins Primary School, Leigh, Lancs

Bouncing bunnies

‘We organised a sponsored bounce, which raised a staggering £1,700! The event took place over a two-day period to fit in with lessons. We hired a bouncy castle and each child had one minute to bounce as many times as possible. Depending on the age and size of the children, there were either four or five bouncing at any one time and each child had a dedicated person to count their bounces. The children could be sponsored either per bounce or for a total amount. We awarded prizes to the child and class who had bounced the most!’

Richard de Clare Primary School, Halstead, Essex

Easter treasure hunt

‘For a number of years the PTA has held a very successful Easter hunt. Over the weeks preceding the last day of term, members of the PTA compile a number of clues based on the local area. Clue sheets are sold to parents and their children, who go off and solve the clues before coming back to school for an end-of-term Easter event in the playground. Each entrant receives a small Easter egg for taking part, with the overall winner receiving – yes you’ve guessed it – a much larger chocolate egg. Most children are able to join in the event, and everyone has great fun searching for answers and finding out more about the local area.’

Morpeth All Saints First School PTA, Northumberland

Design an Easter garden

‘Our PTA runs a competition for the children to design an Easter garden, usually in something no larger than an adult-sized shoe box. The children have free rein to use whatever materials they want. Some submit traditional planted gardens or a model garden made out of materials such as pipe cleaners and papier-mâché. We charge a nominal £1 to enter, with the best entries winning an Easter egg.’

The PTA of Stonham Aspal Primary School in Suffolk

Guess the number of eggs in the jar

Source a container and save money by buying unbranded chocolate mini eggs. Charge a set fee per go and the winner takes all!

Cress creature competition

Send the kids home with packets of cress. Instruct children to use empty egg shells and stuff with cotton wool before sprinkling seeds. Get them to decorate the egg heads creatively, and if you’re lacking inspiration, look at these ideas on Pinterest.

Easter cake sale

Think mini eggs, yellow chicks and Easter egg cake pops. For those feeling adventurous, run a bake off and find a judge to sample the cakes. View cake inspiration on our spring ideas Pinterest board.

Reindeer-turned-bunny poop

If your PTA sold reindeer poop at your Christmas fair and still have some chocolate poop left over, make the most of it by selling bunny droppings. View our guide to serving poop to find out more.

Spring-time gardening

View our annual gardening planner to see what our gardening expert, Liz Dobbs, advises about selling produce this spring. Her ideas: run a plant sale after school, or offer hardy potted-up plants for Easter fairs!

Spring wreath making workshop

Wreaths are not just for Christmas – bursting blooms and fresh greens shoots make an Easter wreath that celebrates the joy of the season. Offer participants a selection of decorations such as painted eggs, offcuts of ribbon and homemade pompoms along with springtime flora and fauna to create a display to brighten their doors. Take inspiration from an East Sussex school who did exactly this.


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